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End the Thinning Hair

Professional athletes have been putting the power of their blood platelets to work helping them recover after injury or surgery for years. What if you put the same platelets to work ending your thinning hair and actually regrowing it back? You can do that at AesthetiSpa with PRP for Hair Restoration. What is platelet-rich plasma?… Read More »

Address Your Spider Veins Now for Next Spring

With our toasty springs and summers in South Carolina, shorts and skirts are the clothing of choice, not to mention swimsuits. But who wants to put on a swimsuit when their legs have little purple and blue squiggly lines coursing about on the skin? Annoying spider veins. Not painful, but ugly. Now is the perfect… Read More »

Fraxel Dual Laser Treatments

If one laser is great for resurfacing your skin, why not try two? That’s the idea behind the Fraxel Dual Laser offered for our patients at AesthetiSpa. This new Fraxel technology can be used together or separately, depending on the patient needs. The Fraxel Dual Laser resurfaces skin by stimulating cell turnover and new collagen… Read More »

Ditch the Peach Fuzz — Dermaplaning

Women have always been envious of men for their ability to exfoliate their face daily. That’s another word for shaving. That’s because exfoliation is the key to younger-looking skin. To show the healthy skin beneath, you need to get rid of the dead skin cells on top. That’s the idea behind dermaplaning at AesthetiSpa. Dermaplaning… Read More »

Exfoliation with Diamonds

Everyone knows exfoliation is key to healthy, younger-looking skin. So, why can’t humans simply be like snakes and shed our skin when we think it’s about time? Well, that could be difficult with all the arms, legs, fingers, and the like, but that’s for a naturalist to debate. Truth is, we are shedding our skin… Read More »

Stop the Madness — Get Rid of the Hair Permanently

If you’re headed to the coast or just to the pool who’s excited about shaving their legs and armpits for the umpteenth time? Come on, don’t be shy. Who doesn’t love the tedious ritual of shaving, plucking, waxing, or assaulting your skin with napalm-like depilatory creams? Why not get rid of the hair for good?… Read More »