Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a consult take?
Consults generally take 30-45 minutes depending on how many concerns and procedures are discussed. Some clients have only one concern such as unwanted hair while others may want to discuss general skin care and all the treatment options for aging skin. When discussing general skin care, it is helpful if we know what skin care products you are currently using. It is recommended that you write down these products or bring them in for us to see.

Can I wear makeup to my appointment?
If you are having a facial procedure, it is helpful if you come to your appointment without makeup but we realize this may not always be possible. All makeup (including eye makeup in some cases) must be removed prior to laser procedures on the face, so if necessary, we will remove your makeup for you.

Is there any obligation with a consult?
No, there is absolutely no obligation with our free consults. Our philosophy is that it is important for our clients to be fully educated about all their options and this should be without obligation. We pride ourselves on being honest with our patients about the best options for their concerns even if we don’t provide those services in our office.

Why do you sell Botox by the unit and not by the area?
We price our Botox Cosmetic treatments by the unit, not the area. Pricing by the area means either that everyone is getting the exact same amount of Botox in that particular area, or that each person is being charged the same amount, but not receiving the same amount of Botox as others. At AesthetiSpa, you will be charged only for the Botox you need. We will explain exactly how many units you will need to achieve your desired results. Not everyone needs the same amount of units in each treatment area, so why should you pay for more than you are receiving?

How long will I have to wait for an appointment?
We try our best to get you in as quickly as possible for an appointment but sometimes it may take 2-3 weeks, depending on the length of the visit. The more flexibility that you have in your schedule, the easier it is for us to get you in very quickly. It is our goal to accommodate you in a timely fashion.

Have you ever had anyone stop laser hair removal treatments because of the pain?
No, we have never had anyone stop treatment because of discomfort. We try our best to make all of our treatments as comfortable as possible but there may be some discomfort involved. Laser hair removal feels like a rubber band popping against the skin or a needle prick. Cooling the skin with gel packs prior to the treatment decreases the sensation that you experience. You can also purchase a numbing cream for more sensitive areas such as the upper lip and bikini area. You apply the numbing cream 30 minutes prior to your appointment. Everyone’s tolerance is different, but most people do well with all of our treatments.

Do I shave prior to laser hair removal?
For your first appointment we ask that have at least 2-3 days of hair growth in the treatment area so we can see the color and density of hair. After your first appointment, you should shave prior to each subsequent appointment. This will decrease your appointment time and also yield better results.

Do you know of any laser that removes blonde hair?
No we don’t know of any laser that removes blonde hair effectively. You may see temporary reduction in blonde hair but in our experience, it is not long-term.

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