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You’ve heard about using light energy for skin rejuvenation and acne treatment. Those treatments have been laser light or intense pulsed light. At AesthetiSpa, we’re proud to offer the latest light treatment using high-intensity light-emitting diodes (LEDs). It’s called Celluma Low-Level Light Therapy and we put this LED energy to work for skin rejuvenation, reducing acne breakouts, and pain management.

What Is Celluma?

Celluma Low-Level Light Therapy has been cleared by the FDA for skincare and pain management. Celluma is the only all-in-one low-level light therapy device that improves cellular health by accelerating the repair and replenishment of compromised tissue cells. These treatments are completely non-invasive, pain-free can be used on all skin types, and don’t require a minute of downtime.

And you thought LEDs were only working in that new big-screen TV in your living room!

How Does Celluma Work?

The idea behind Celluma is to improve cellular performance through the delivery of high-intensity light. Celluma’s high-intensity LEDs trigger a natural bio-stimulatory effect in human tissue. You can compare it to the way plants use chlorophyll to convert sunlight. Research into LED light has shown it can enhance cellular metabolism, accelerate the repair and replenishment of damaged skin cells, as well as stimulate the production of new collagen, the foundation of healthy, firm, youthful-looking skin.

Celluma’s LED low-level light therapy is FDA approved for both skin rejuvenation, acne improvement, and pain relief. This technology was originally developed for NASA astronauts for use on injuries and illness during long-term space missions. Now, we use it for our AesthetiSpa patients.

What Skin Conditions Does Celluma Improve?

Celluma delivers its high-intensity LED light therapy to:

  • Smooth skin texture
  • Improve skin firmness
  • Increase lymphatic system activity
  • Restore the skin’s natural cellular activity
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and superficial hyperpigmentation
Person receivlng Celluma Treatment

How Long Is A Typical Celluma Session?

These are quick treatments, taking just 30 minutes at our beautiful Mount Pleasant offices.

How Do I Prepare For A Celluma Session?

The Celluma application panel is placed as close to the area being treated as possible. This is possible because it doesn’t create any heat thanks to the low-level light energy emitted by the LEDs. The only preparation is to remove any makeup, lotions, and clothing (if used on areas for pain). This is because makeup contains certain minerals that can deflect light.

How Does Celluma Work For Anti-Aging?

The light wavelengths delivered by Celluma are proven to stimulate fibroblasts in the skin to increase the production of collagen and elastin. For anti-aging, Celluma:

  • Increases collagen and elastin
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves the skin’s firmness and resilience

How Does Celluma Improve Acne Breakouts?

For acne, Celluma follows the treatment path of IPL energy by going after the bacteria that is behind the inflammation in the sebaceous glands that causes an acne breakout. Celluma:

  • Destroys P.acnes bacteria in the sebaceous glands
  • Improves existing blemishes
  • Prevents future breakouts
  • Clears existing breakouts
  • Restores the skin’s healthy radiance
  • Improves skin texture
Woman showing acne prior to Celluma Treatment

How Does Celluma Work To Decrease Pain?

The LED energy in Celluma has been proven to relieve arthritic pain, and muscle and joint pain and stiffness. The wavelengths delivered by this LED energy are absorbed by photoreceptors in the mitochondria in the cells. This process increases the production of adenosine triphosphate, which is the fuel that drives all cells. For pain, Celluma:

  • Helps repair tissue
  • Decreases inflammation and pain
  • Reduces stiffness
  • Reduces muscle spasms

How Often Should I Have Celluma Treatments?

These treatments don’t have any side effects and they do not damage the skin. There are not any limits to the number of treatments. We work with our AesthetiSpa patients to develop a treatment plan based on their skincare needs.

Are There Any Side Effects Or Risks With Celluma Treatments?

These treatments are considered to be extremely low risk when used as intended in a professional setting. When compared to laser or IPL energy, this LED technology generates negligible amounts of heat so it is completely comfortable and can’t burn the skin.

Are Celluma Treatments Painful?

These are painless treatments

Woman smling after Celluma Treatment

Can Celluma Be Combined With Other Aesthetic Treatments?

Because Celluma is completely painless and non-invasive, you can combine it with various other treatments, such as Hydrafacialsmicrodermabrasiondermal fillers, or body contouring treatments.

See What Our Patients Have To Say…

“Dr. Cone and her staff are excellent. Beautiful facility, refreshments in the lobby, and an awesome loyalty program. I only trust AesthetiSpa with my skin.”

– Rhetta C.

Dr. Cone is the best! She cares so much about her patients and always makes sure they are happy. Their new office space is absolutely gorgeous and creates a calm, relaxed environment. I have been seeing them for 8 years and would not even think of going elsewhere. They are truly committed to what they do and are on the cutting edge of all of the latest skincare innovations.”

– Michelle M.

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