Peel Your Way to a Rejuvenated Holiday Season

Although this year will be a different sort of holiday season with this darn enduring Covid-19 virus, we’ll still be getting together with family if nothing else. And you always want to look your best, no matter if it’s your mother-in-law giving you the once over or Santa deciding if your skin goes on the… Read More »

Time to Get Rid of the Double Chin

At this time of year, most us of have our sights set on a certain very prevalent double chin — that of our Thanksgiving turkey! Sure, turkeys have a lot of junk going on under their chins, but they can’t do much about it. Unfortunately, humans aren’t exactly immune to the profile sagging that is… Read More »

More on our LED Light Therapy — Celluma

We all know light emitting diodes, although most of us don’t know a diode from a diaphragm. We know they’re cutting our electric bills in our lights in our homes. We know they make the largest TV this side of a stadium scoreboard amazingly light and brilliant. And if you read this month’s first AesthetiSpa… Read More »

Come into the LED Light

You may have bought a plasma TV back 15 or so years ago only to find out it lost the technology race against light emitting diodes. Kind of like Beta versus VHS back in the days when videotape still existed! Well, LEDs may be winning the light treatment battle in the aesthetic world, as well.… Read More »

Attacking Acne

During this weirdest of years, who knows if our kids will be able to go back to school in person, or whether they will be able to stay there if they do go. But if you have a teenager, one thing is for sure — he or she has acne. For the lucky few, this… Read More »

Age Spots, Come into the Intense Light

Living in sunny Mount Pleasant and so close to miles of beautiful beaches, we’ve all had our share of sun exposure. And now we have the sun spots to show for it! Otherwise, your skin may have some acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, even rosacea, and you wonder what you can do to improve it. At AesthetiSpa… Read More »

Tune in To This Radio Station for Unwanted Fat

Summers in Charleston and Mt. Pleasant aren’t complete without driving along the shore with some beach tunes blaring. But at AesthetiSpa, we’re more interested in other radiofrequency energy, namely the sort that can put the whammy on fat cells. It’s called truSculpt iD, a non-invasive body contouring treatment that our patients love. What is truSculpt… Read More »

Radiofrequency Energy — Not Just for Your Car

While cruising in your car on the Coastal Highway on a beautiful July day, you may think that’s as far as radiofrequency energy goes, playing Help Me Rhonda on your car stereo. But if you believe that, then your loose skin on your face will suffer for it. Because, while just down the coast Ponce… Read More »

More About Restylane’s New Lip Filler

Last month we had a blog about the newest filler from Restylane that the FDA approved in April of this year — Kysse. Restylane Kysse is Galderma’s second filler specifically approved and formulated for the lips, joining Restylane Silk. Since we already announced we’re carrying Kysse at AesthetiSpa, in this second blog of this warmest… Read More »