Permanent Makeup

What Is Permanent Make-Up?

Permanent Make-up, or Micro-pigmentation, is an excellent way to enhance beauty and correct problems. Permanent Make-up can restore or correct the shape of unflattering or missing eyebrows, accentuate eyes, camouflage and re-pigment scars and restore areolas. Your morning routine is effortless when you wake up made up!

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How Is Permanent Make-Up Different Than Tattooing?

Permanent Make-up is based on the same principle as tattooing with a few important differences. Pigment is deposited under the skin to give long lasting color. At AesthetiSpa we use a digital permanent make-up machine that differs from what most tattoo artists and some permanent make-up artists use, in that it is much less invasive to the skin and is more comfortable during the procedure.

Who Can Benefit From Permanent Cosmetics?

Anyone who wishes to look their best effortlessly! Permanent make-up is perfect for busy people who want to save time from the morning make-up routine. Active people who don’t want their make up to come off during exercise or water related activities. People who find their make-up smears during the day due to oily skin or watery or sensitive eyes, or who just aren’t good at applying their own make-up. Alopecia sufferers can benefit greatly from permanent eyebrow and lash line enhancement. Anyone with surgical or other scars, and mastectomy patients who need areola restoration.

Is Getting Permanent Make-Up Painful?

At AesthetiSpa we use the most advanced topical numbing and anti-inflammatory agents which control discomfort and inflammation to make your experience comfortable and minimize downtime. For eyeliner, eyebrow and scar re-pigmentation, most clients report not pain but vibration and pressure sensations. Everyone’s pain threshold is different, the majority of clients report no pain at all, but at most, clients report only mild to moderate discomfort.

How Long Does The Permanent Make-Up Procedure Take?

About one to two hours depending on the area. The procedures themselves do not take long but we leave plenty of time for consultation and the application of numbing agents. Each procedure is done in two visits. We allow the skin to go through its’ natural skin cell turnover and exfoliation process for about a month and then do a follow up treatment. This allows for any changes or additions, as we treat conservatively on the first visit. The additional layer of pigment on the second visit reduces fading and helps the colors to remain true.

What Is The Recovery Time From Permanent Cosmetics?

Clients leave our office looking as if they have had make-up done, with minimal inflammation at the site. Eyeliner clients may have mild soreness lasting up to 24 hours. Brow clients may have a little exfoliating skin for a few days with no swelling. The color will appear more intense immediately after treatment as the pigment in the superficial layers will exfoliate off. Four to six weeks is allowed before the follow-up visit.

Is Getting Permanent Make-Up Safe?

Permanent make-up uses a very soft color palette ranging from the lightest skin tones, as with scar re-pigmentation, and natural eyebrow, eyeliner and lip colors.

How Are Color And Shape Decided On?

We ask you to wear your make-up the way you normally do, even if you don’t like it and to bring your make-up color in. This gives the permanent make-up artist a starting point. You will work closely with the permanent make-up artist to determine your preferences. Then your make-up is removed and reapplied by your permanent make-up artist with her recommendations for your approval. Your permanent make-up artist is knowledgeable in the ideals of aesthetic beauty and can recommend the most flattering application to enhance your natural beauty based on your bone structure, complexion, lifestyle and personal preferences.

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