8+ Things You Should Know About Botox

Rejuvenating facial injections procedure for tightening and smoothing wrinkles Have you been thinking about getting Botox injections? It is a very popular procedure, and for good reason. You may have some questions as you make a decision on whether or not to have it done – read on for some Botox facts!

What you need to know about Botox

Do you have questions about the procedure for getting Botox or about what Botox is exactly? You should know:

1. Botox is a nonsurgical, noninvasive way to reduce wrinkles that is much more effective than wrinkle creams and serums that you can get at your local pharmacy or online. Botox is injected strategically to treat lines around the mouth and eyes and on the forehead.

2. Botox works by blocking the signals between the muscles and the nerves, which prevents the muscles from contracting and relaxes wrinkles.

3. Botox is made from the botulinum toxin, which may sound dangerous but is actually very safe when it is used correctly. It is even used for medical purposes, such as migraines and bladder problems.

4. Getting Botox injections only takes a few minutes (many clients have it done on their lunch hour and then can get right back to work or other activities). However, you should avoid doing anything too strenuous after your injections, such as going to the gym.

5. You’ll notice an improvement in your wrinkles within a few days, and the effects can last for up to 4 months.

6. Botox is painless and only feels like a little pinch.

7. There might be some bruising after your injections, but this will fade within a few days.

8. Depending on the results you would like to see, you can have other procedures done along with your Botox, such as getting dermal fillers.

Botox is more effective than wrinkle creams you can buy at the store, and you can get great results without all of the hassle, expense, and downtime of a facelift. Of course, you still might have concerns about Botox, but you can always call AesthetiSpa for an appointment to have all of your questions answered. Call (843) 849-9925 today to schedule an appointment!

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