Take Care of Your Skin After Your Laser Treatment

Woman beauty face healthy clean fresh skin natural make up For years now, we have been reaping all of the benefits that come with laser technology. Just in medicine, for example, lasers can be used to correct vision, remove kidney stones, and even treat cancer. And they can be used for cosmetic procedures as well – read on for some information on the benefits of using lasers and also how to take special care of your skin after the treatment is over.

What are lasers used for?

Lasers can be used to remove unwanted hair and unsightly spider veins. They can be used to stimulate new collagen and elastin to be produced, which makes the skin look younger and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, sun spots, and acne scars. And, they can help to treat those fine blood vessels that can appear on the face.

What are the benefits of laser treatments?

Laser treatments are noninvasive, safe, and effective. Most patients report very little pain, if any, during or after a laser treatment – the sensation is usually described as just a gentle warming on the surface of the skin – and there is very little downtime needed after a treatment. A laser treatment doesn’t take very long (although you may need more than one treatment to get the results you want).

How should you take care of skin after your treatment?

Your doctor will give you specific instructions for you to follow after your treatment, but you should know that your skin will be sensitive, swollen, and easily irritated. You should stay out of the sun, and make sure to wear sunscreen and protective clothing if you do have to go outside. Keeping your skin moisturized with aloe vera can help if it feels irritated, and you can also try cool packs. You should also avoid using any harsh cleansers on your skin, such as anything that is acid-based or used for exfoliating.

Lasers can help to keep us healthy and beautiful, but you should make sure to pamper your skin just a bit once your laser treatment is complete. Contact AesthetiSpa to see what laser technology can do for you. Call (843) 849-9925 today to schedule an appointment!

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