Turn Up the Temperature with Thermage

copy of copy of istock 981542846 If Ponce de Leon had known what the experienced team at AesthetiSpa knows about aging, he wouldn’t have been searching for the fountain of youth — he would have been searching for collagen. After all, it really is the fountain of youth. 

Collagen is the protein in our skin that provides the structural latticework beneath the outer epidermis that keeps our skin firm, taut, and thicker. Without it, the skin becomes loose and saggy, and is prone to wrinkling. 

And that’s where the real bummer of aging comes in — after we have our 20th birthday, the body’s collagen production drops one percent EVERY year. In addition to sun and other environmental damage, that drop in collagen production is basically the reason our skin ages. 

That’s why Ponce de Leon should have been hunting for a fountain of collagen. 

He wouldn’t have had to tromp through the swamps of Northern Florida to find it, either. He could have simply stopped in our beautiful offices on Johnnie Dodds Boulevard and had a Thermage® treatment.   

Three layers 

To understand how Thermage works, it helps to understand the skin. The skin is made up of three distinct layers. On the surface is the epidermis. Below it is a collagen-rich layer, the dermis. Below the dermis is the subcutaneous layer (sometimes called the fat layer). This layer has a framework of collagen fibers running through it. 

Now you can see the importance of collagen in all three layers of the skin. That’s why creams and treatments that work on the epidermis don’t do anything to address overall skin support. That happens in the dermis and subcutaneous layers. 

Radiofrequency energy is the key 

Thermage® tightens the skin and renews the collagen in all three layers. Thermage® sends capacitive radiofrequency (CRF) energy into all three skin layers. This CRF energy converts into heat energy, safely interacting with the collagen in the three layers, instantly tightening those structures and improving skin tone on the epidermis. More importantly, the CRF heat triggers a reaction in the body, where the production of new collagen is initiated. This continues to improve your results for the next four to six months after your initial Thermage® treatment. 

Want to put some radiofrequency energy on the task of rejuvenating your facial skin? Thermage® could be a great treatment for you. Call our team at AesthetiSpa, 843-849-9925, and set up an appointment.

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