Put the Aging Process on Hold with Clear + Brilliant

istock 498296950 The aesthetic world is full of treatments whose goal is to counter the effects of aging, sun damage, and other issues on your skin and overall facial appearance. 

But at AesthetiSpa, we offer a treatment where the goal is preemptive, to head off the signs of aging before they really take hold. It’s called Clear + Brilliant, and it could be a great option for you if you’re looking to take control of the aging process as much as you can. 

Getting ahead of the aging process 

You do everything you can to keep your skin healthy and young looking — you never go outside without sunscreen; you eat a healthy, natural diet; you exercise regularly; and you get the occasional facial or other skin treatment. 

At this point, your facial skin isn’t really showing many signs of aging because you’re still young. But in your best preventive mindset, you wonder if there is more you can do to head off the aging process as long as possible. Clear + Brilliant provides those benefits at AesthetiSpa. 

How does the Clear + Brilliant laser work? 

You wouldn’t categorize Clear + Brilliant as an aggressive skin rejuvenation. It’s not like Fraxel laser treatments: Clear + Brilliant is a gentle procedure that rejuvenates the skin from within, rather than ablating the surface. The laser targets areas on the face and creates thousands of microscopic holes in the upper layers of the skin. Despite their microscopic size, the body views these tiny holes as wounds, and it responds by replacing the seemingly damaged skin with new, younger-looking tissue. It also builds new collagen and sends it to the area. 

You could say that Clear + Brilliant fits somewhere between more aggressive laser resurfacing procedures such as Fraxel and over-the-counter anti-aging treatments and spa visits. 

There is no downtime with Clear + Brilliant, and the best results are achieved after four treatments spaced about one week apart. 

Are you a good candidate for Clear + Brilliant? 

This procedure is meant to be basically preventative, heading off facial aging issues before they really show themselves. Patients are generally younger but are trying to get ahead of the aging process. Here are some characteristics of a person who may want to consider Clear + Brilliant: 

  •     You aren’t really a candidate for aggressive skin resurfacing procedures.
  •     You like the way your skin looks today but are looking for ways to prevent premature aging.
  •     You already protect your skin from the sun and the environment.
  •     You want to boost what you are currently doing for your skin.

So, if you’re that proactive person who wants to head off aging before it really starts to show itself, call us at AesthetiSpa, 843-849-9925, and let’s talk about Clear + Brilliant.

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