PRO-NOX Keeps Our Patients Comfortable

We don’t perform surgery at AesthetiSpa, so we don’t have any need for general anesthesia. But some procedures can be a little uncomfortable for some patients. For those procedures, such as fractional laser skin resurfacing, we provide topical numbing prior to your treatment. Some patients also just want to take the edge off of procedures such as laser hair removal.

For those patients, we have PRO-NOX. PRO-NOX is s system that delivers nitrous oxide to take the edge off. It is simple, controlled by the patient, has no recovery time, and is sure to make any procedure more comfortable for you at AesthetiSpa.

What is PRO-NOX?

The PRO-NOX Nitrous Oxide System is a pneumatically driven gas mixer that delivers a 50% oxygen and 50% nitrous oxide mixture to the patient right in our Mount Pleasant offices. PRO-NOX is the perfect solution for patients with some anxiety or who are worried about discomfort that may accompany treatments, such as Thermage skin tightening.

What are the benefits of adding PRO-NOX to a treatment?

Our AesthetiSpa patients love PRO-NOX for many reasons:

  • PRO-NOX reduces patient anxiety, allowing them to relax during treatment.
  • PRO-NOX relieves pain or discomfort during more aggressive treatments.
  • The amount of nitrous oxide delivered is controlled by the patient as needed.
  • The nitrous takes effect in just seconds, giving you instant relief.
  • The effects wear off in just five minutes.
  • Patients can drive themselves home after their treatment.
  • Delivery of the analgesic nitrous oxide is simple, inhaled through the mouth or nose.
  • It can be added to any procedure where you feel anxious or don’t want any discomfort.

Who is a good candidate to add PRO-NOX to a treatment?

Different people have different pain tolerances. Different people have varying levels of anxiety about various procedures. Some patients find prickly heat delivered with laser hair removal to be uncomfortable. Some people find the injection of dermal fillers somewhat uncomfortable. Certain laser and skin procedures can cause some discomfort. These reactions are completely unique to each person. With PRO-NOX for our AesthetiSpa patients, it’s up to you to decide if you want to take the edge off or remove any discomfort involved in our wide range of treatments.

PRO-NOX is just another reason AesthetiSpa is the place to come for our awesome assortment of aesthetic treatments and procedures. Call us at 843-849-9925 to make an appointment or with questions about our treatments.

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