Pores Can’t Shrink: What To Do Instead

poresDeath, taxes, and pores are inescapable truths of the world. Pores in your skin are necessary for the proper functioning and health of your largest organ. Pores connect to your hair follicles, secrete oil called sebum, and release sweat. Pores are imperative to keeping skin healthy and keeping our bodies cool. However, despite their importance, you may be upset when they look back at you from the mirror. If you’re wondering how to shrink your pores, we can cut to the chase: there is no way to shrink your pores. However, don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to address the appearance of your pores which can help them appear smaller. To know what to do about your pores, keep reading!

Why Do My Pores Look That Big? 

While, most commonly, pore sizes are attributable to family and genes, there are other factors that aren’t related to inheritance. For example, oil production influences the density and location of pores; in the center of your face, where more oil glands are located, there are more pores that can give off the appearance of larger pores. Aging can be another factor for larger-looking pores, since, as you age, you lose the materials that aid skin with structural support, without these materials, the skin can loosen and the pores widen. Furthermore, sun damage can also impact these structural materials in the skin. Because of the varied ways in which pores can appear larger, there are a variety of ways to address them. Because of this, it’s best to come in for a consultation at AesthetiSpa to determine a treatment or service best for you and your skin!

What Can I Do For My Pores? 

Having established that the size of your pores isn’t going to be changed any time soon, you may be discouraged; however, there are plenty of ways you can improve both your skin’s appearance and the appearance of your pores:

  • Maintain A Consistent Skin Care Routine
    • If sebum is allowed to accumulate, your pores have no option but to become clogged and therefore increase in size
  • Utilize Sunscreen
    • Remember, UV damage can weaken the skin!
  • Utilize Retinol
    • Retinol has been shown to increase the turnover of the skin and keep it and your pores looking healthy
  • Try Microneedling
    • This process can be performed by our team and has been shown to keep skin healthy and looking rejuvenated
  • Try Laser Treatments
    • Another technique that can be done at AesthetiSpa can help with your pores!
  • Use A Hydrafacial
    • If you’re looking for something time-efficient while allowing for tremendous results, come into AesthetiSpa to learn more about hydrafacials.

Come In To Help Your Skin!

The team at AesthetiSpa knows skin and we are confident that we can help you with our ability for care and years of experience. If you’re fed up with your pores, give us a call at 843-849-9925!

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