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iStock 1004052418 We’re all fixated on our facial aging. We look in the mirror first thing in the morning and we notice the lines and age spots. We squint and watch the crow’s feet form. We pull on the sunken cheeks and under-eye furrows. 

But we often completely overlook the area of our bodies that probably receives the most direct sun exposure and where declining collagen and thinning skin are real issues. 

The backs of our hands. 

Whoa. They look like a Tales from the Crypt episode with the ubiquitous Cryptkeeper waving his hands around. As our collagen production declines and our skin thins, the backs of our hands can become downright scary. Tendons and blood vessels seem to become elevated, although it’s the collagen decline and thinning skin that is actually to blame. 

At AesthetiSpa, we use Radiesse and Restylane Lyft for hand rejuvenation. These fillers have been approved specifically for use on the hands. 

Radiesse and Restylane Lyft for the hands 

In 2015, Radiesse became the first dermal filler to receive FDA approval for use on the hands, and then in 2018 Restylane Lyft was also approved. These fillers are approved to treat age-related volume loss on the back of the hands. 

The hands are often overlooked as a marker of aging, but fat volume loss, declining collagen production, thinning skin, and overall sun damage can make your tendons, veins, and metacarpal bones stick out. This can make your hands look older than anywhere else on your body, leaving them skeletal and bony. 

Our trained AesthetiSpa injectors inject Radiesse and Restylane Lyft underneath the skin, but above the connective tissue that covers the tendons, bones, vessels, and nerves. Patients notice instant volume improvement in their hands, and these improvements tend to last for about six months. 

Ready to pay some attention to those aging hands? Call us at AesthetiSpa, 843-849-9925, and set up a session for Radiesse or Restylane Lyft.

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