Why You Should Try Kybella

nice long hairdo optimistic lady without clothes hand neck closed eyesIt happens to all of us eventually. One day we look in the mirror and are shocked to see a double chin. You don’t remember seeing it there before, and you’re not sure where it came from. But what can you do about it? Read on for some information about Kybella and how it can help you!

8 Reasons To Try Kybella

You don’t have to live with that fat underneath your chin! Kybella can help. Consider Kybella because

1. It is permanent. Kybella is made up of deoxycholic acid, which is injected into the chin area to target fat cells. The fat cells are destroyed and harmlessly and naturally flushed out of the body within a few weeks – and no further treatment is needed.

2. It is noninvasive. Unlike a surgical procedure, such as liposuction, Kybella just involves a simple injection. You don’t have to deal with anesthesia, incisions, recovery time, or the cost that comes with surgery.

3. It is safe. Kybella is FDA approved and has been proven safe in trials.

4. It is effective. In these same trials, over 80% of the participants said they saw a significant reduction of fat under the chin after Kybella injections.

5. It is quick. It typically only takes 20 minutes for a Kybella treatment, although you may need more than one treatment.

6. There is no downtime afterward. You don’t need to take time to recover.

7. There are only minor side effects, if you have any side effects at all. You may have some redness, swelling, pain, or bruising, but this will clear up within a few days.

8. It is suitable for most people, unless you are pregnant or nursing.

You can end up with a double chin no matter how healthy your lifestyle or how much you exercise. It is often the result of aging or genetics. And, a double chin is extremely hard to get rid of on your own! The good news is that Kybella – and the staff at AesthetiSpa – can help you to get rid of that double chin. Call 843-849-9925 today to schedule an appointment!

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