Permanent Make-Up

Who doesn’t love the daily ritual of putting on eyeliner and penciling eyebrows? Look at all those raised hands.

That’s why we offer permanent make-up application at AesthetiSpa. Your mornings will be so much easier!

What is permanent make-up?

Permanent makeup (also called cosmetic tattooing, micropigmentation, or dermapigmentation) is a form of tattooing that implants pigment into the upper layer of the skin eliminating the daily hassle of applying makeup. Although the color will fade over time because permanent makeup is not placed as deeply into the skin as a body tattoo, occasional touchups will keep it looking great.

Who is a good candidate for permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup applied by our AesthetiSpa esthetician, Kimberly Bunch, is a great answer for people who are allergic to traditional cosmetics. Eyeliner is especially problematic for some, leaving the eyes itchy and watery. Plus, for older people whose hands may not be quite as steady as they once were, permanent makeup eliminates this irritating chore. Permanent makeup never runs or smears, and it makes your morning routine that much easier!

If alopecia has caused you to lose your eyebrows, permanent make-up can give you them back. They look natural and real, and you won’t have to worry about the chore of drawing them in.

Is it painful?

At AesthetiSpa, we do two things to make our permanent make-up procedures more comfortable. First, we use a digital make-up machine that is different from what most permanent make-up artists use. It is much less invasive to the skin, which means it is also more comfortable. Also, prior to your treatment, Kimberly applies the most advanced topical numbing and anti-inflammatory agents to control any irritation and keep you comfortable. Most patients say they feel pressure and vibration sensations, but not pain.

How is the shape and color decided upon?

We ask our permanent make-up patients to come in wearing their normal make-up. That way Kimberly has a starting point to work from. Obviously, if you’d like changes, she can do that. The two of you will work together to decide exactly the look you want long before she begins to apply the first drop of pigment.

Interested in dumping the morning grind of putting on your make-up? Call us at AesthetiSpa, 843-849-9925, to set up a consultation.

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