Five Ways a Chemical Peel Makes Your Face Glow

chemical peel Everyone wants their skin to look healthy, especially in the summertime. After all, the summertime is when we socialize, vacation, and take a lot of selfies while doing both! When your skin looks healthy, you look and feel more confident. People are drawn not only to your selfies, but to your glow. A chemical peel is a skin care treatment that provides major benefits for the skin and thus, your overall appearance. It will get you ready for summer fun in no time!

Five Glowing Benefits of a Chemical Peel

Different chemical peel types treat different issues. Many people enjoy stellar results no matter their skin care needs. The results make a chemical peel a necessary component of a regimented, effective skin care routine. Below, an explanation of five common treatment needs and the benefits that will make you look dazzling in person and of course, on all your social media accounts.

Helps Clear Acne

A chemical peel improves the appearance of acne on the top layer of skin by revealing a new layer of skin. A chemical peel can be much more effective than an over the counter topical cream at reducing the noticeability of acne with much less fuss. Over time, a chemical peel can save you money on creams and other products.

Helps Fade Discoloration

Just about everyone suffers from discoloration here or there. No matter your age, it is a common problem. A chemical peel can provide a more even tone to your skin. It makes you look less tired by getting rid of that top layer of skin that drags you down because of an uneven tone.

Helps Minimize Pores 

By getting rid of that top layer of skin, your pores should look much less noticeable. Large pores can really show up in photos so if you like to take selfies, be sure to mention this when you book an appointment. Revealing a new layer of skin can make others notice your face instead of your pores.

Helps Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Aging changes the skin. Over time, smiles and squirts etch our skin with lines that distract from our appearance. If you see fine lines and wrinkles that you want to hide, a chemical peel can help reduce the appearance of lines because the new layer of skin looks younger. 

Helps Correct Sun Damage

The sun causes sun spots and other damage. A chemical peel helps to minimize the damage that others see by uncovering a new layer of skin. If you are suffering from crinkly skin caused by old sunburns or intense tanning, a chemical skin can help you look your best this summer when you protect your new glow with sunscreen!

Start Glowing with an AesthetiSpa Chemical Peel

At AesthetiSpa Cosmetic Skin and Laser, our certified team understands how to help you identify your skin’s needs. We know the chemical peel that will help you achieve the glow you need to make your summer one that you will never forget. Get ready to pose and more by visiting our website at or call us at 843-849-9925 to book a free chemical peel consultation at our Mount Pleasant location today!


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