Sun Self Tanners

Sun Laboratories products contain all natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera Gel, Panthenol, and Soybean Oil, which provide the richest looking tan in the most protected way without the sun. These ingredients create balance and overall great glow for the skin’s outer layers. These lotions do not smell chemical-based like other lotions. They contain a mild scent of cherry-almond-amaretto, which slowly fades away as the lotion is absorbed into the skin.

“SUN” Self Tanning Products contain botanically extracted ingredients which moisturize, hydrate, and protect the body without clogging the pores or irritating sensitive skin, providing a safe barrier against drying elements.


The Self Tanning Lotions come out in a deep dark brown color to insure uniform application. Apply to your skin by hand as you would apply any lotion. Do not come in contact with water, perfumes, additional lotions, or clothing for at least one hour to allow your skin to absorb the deepest darkest and most moisturizing tan available. The color will intensify within 3 hours of application. The use SUN Self Tanners will not turn the skin orange or yellow because the products are not dye-based. The dark lotion provides an instant tan and is absorbed into the skin, any skin.

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