I am so happy to have found AesthetiSpa! I have been very pleased with my results in laser hair removal. I love Prudence – she made me feel very comfortable throughout the process. Dr. Cone was very friendly and professional during my consult. Wendy has also been very accomodating when scheduling appointments. I highly recommend this practice.

Carmen Santos

I am currently undergoing treatments for laser hair removal and I am so pleased with the results! AesthetiSpa has such a wonderful reputation, and everyone there is so professional. Thank you for making me look my best! I would recommend them to anyone, hands down!

Kara G.

Prior to coming to AesthetiSpa, I had endured a ten year battle with rosacea. Topical ointments, rinses, and medications all provided less than ideal results. AesthetiSpa and Kelly Hunt, RN, have been the answer to my prayers! Dr. Cone and her great staff helped to control my rosacea and have made me feel better about myself. Thank you to everyone at AesthetiSpa for everything!

Marsha Jordan

My laser vein removal was very successful and if I had to do it again with Dr. Cone, I would without thinking twice about it. Prudence does all my microdermabrasion and does a wonderful job. Many people think I look 10 years younger. I highly recommend AesthetiSpa to go to. My legs look great without all of those spider veins, especially the back of my legs.

Elizabeth T.

My experience with laser hair removal treatments with Prudence has been great. She is extremely thorough and enjoyable to talk with. I feel confident with the investment I have made and most importantly, I am seeing results.

Meghan Shogan

AesthetiSpa is one of those places that not only does good work and gives good advice but is fun to go to. I have been going to AesthetiSpa for a few years and I am always happy with the results. Everyone is helpful, competent, and great to deal with. And we look great when we leave. Who could ask for more especially when they run their specials!


I became a client of Aestheti Spa in 2007 and have always been pleased with the team there. They are flexible with my hectic schedule as a business owner, they thoroughly answer any questions I have regarding the procedures, and they are obviously experts in what they are doing. I highly recommend their laser hair removal procedures, the lash-line enhancement, and the micro-derm and glycolic peels. I feel more confident and beautiful with my “new skin” and wouldn’t trust it in the hands of anyone else! I am a self-proclaimed A.Spa addict!

S. Hays

I am so pleased with AesthetiSpa! I am currently having laser hair removal done to my bikini line and arm pits and it’s been so amazing and easy. I only shave about once a month now and with my continuing treatment program my results just keep getting better and better! The staff and atmosphere at AesthetiSpa can’t be beat and they also carry some great skin care and makeup products that are terrific and really work miracles on my sunspots and fine lines. Make your consultation appointment today!

Amy Evans

I fell in love with Christy with my first office call! I have been with them since their arrival in the Charleston area and pray they stay forever. Being a “kicking and screaming” member of the 55+ club has been made forever bearable by AesthetiSpa. I know I look as good as possible, honing in on 60, because of AesthetiSpa.

Jeanne Cordes

I have had great results with removing my spider veins and I recommend this procedure. I had all my red moles lasered off with good results. Microdermabrasion sessions have been great too. I have not used the other procedures yet but I plan to. I intend to keep on coming back.

Lisa S.

I was referred by a friend to AesthetiSpa and have been very pleased with the results, staff, and overall experience. The laser hair removal left my bikini area and underarms hair-free and feeling smooth. IPL has reduced the brown spots on my face caused by many years in the sun and microdermabrasion has made my skin look smooth and feel wonderful. My legs had spider veins that were embarrassing for me in shorts or a swimsuit. Laser vein removal has dramatically reduced the appearance of them and I actually look forward to summer. I really enjoy the comfortable atmosphere that Dr. Cone and her staff provide. They have all been so kind, helpful, and very professional. Many thanks!

Jennifer B

I could not be happier with AesthetiSpa. Dr. Cone has made me feel extremely comfortable. I feel I can ask her any question or concern and it will be politely and professionally addressed. She is very courteous and keep the scheduled appointments on time which I greatly appreciate. She is also very flexible in scheduling which is so helpful. Thanks for everything.

Stephenie Kannon

My experience at AesthetiSpa has always been wonderful. The quiet, soothing office environment plus the caring, thoughtful staff put me at ease right away. Dr. Cone and I discussed my objectives and together we decided that Botox could give me results that I would enjoy quickly. The Botox combined with the skin care regimen she prescribed has given my skin a new, more youthful appearance. All in all, my experience there has been far beyond ordinary.

Laura Williams

The best way to describe my experience at AesthetiSpa from Dr. Cone: Genuine – compassionate – caring – professional – detailed explanation of procedures with repeat explanation! – no pressure to purchase products or procedures – very willing to work with my dermatologist – a very special, relaxing place to help me age gracefully!

Jamie Benedict

When I walked through the door of AesthetiSpa, I did not realize how that small step would change the rest of my life. I originally went to AesthetiSpa to seek treatment for rosacea that caused my face to appear as if I had just been in a fire and had emerged with a red face with pimples. I had battled rosacea for over 10 years without successful treatment from a host of dermatologists. I met with Dr. Christy Cone who prescribed a plan of first having light microdermabrasion treatments followed by laser treatments which caused my problematic rosacea to subside. I continue to utilize AesthetiSpa for microdermabrasion treatments but I also go there to visit my new friend, Dr. Christy Cone, MD. If you are investigating the possibility of any medical treatments from a spa setting, there is not a more competent team or soothing facility in the Charleston area.

Judy S.

I would recommend AesthetiSpa’s laser hair removal to anyone who doesn’t want the hassle of shaving anymore. The pain is minimal and Dr. Cone takes great care to make the experience as comfortable as possible. It is also nice to know that Dr. Cone is medical doctor. Not only she is trained in aesthetics, she is also professional in the medical field. I am enjoying my smoooth legs, underarms, and especially clean bikini line!

Katherine Smith

I can’t say enough about the treatment I have received at AesthetiSpa. Their staff always greets me with warmth and hospitality. The entire team is so welcoming you feel like you are part of the family. I have used several different services, loved the results, and all of my experiences at AesthetiSpa have been a pleasure from the moment I walk in until the moment I leave. The care and honesty the staff puts into you is with such discriminating attention that you feel like the treatment has been personalized for you. Doctor Christy L. Cone is one of the most professional, courteous, caring individuals I have run across in a very long time. I highly recommend AesthetiSpa. Keep up the great work!

Laurie Langford

My experience at AesthetiSpa has always been not only a very enjoyable one, but also very successful in achieving the results that I had hoped for. Dr. Cone has impressed me with his knowledge and honesty (which is very important to me) with the products and procedures that AesthetiSpa offers. Dr. Christy is such pleasant and warm person, thus making every visit exciting and comfortable.

Edith Smith

I enjoy going to Doc Cone. She makes you feel very comfortable. This has been a great experience. The office is one large happy family. They always accomodate me with my work schedule.

Karen Brindley

I am pleased to have found AesthetiSpa. I love my Botox and feel much more comfortable as it is administered by a doctor and not a trained “office personnel” as I have often seen in the Charleston area.

Adrienne Grayson

Having worked as a fashion model and actress here in America and Europe, I have always had to pay particular attention to my appearance. When moving to Charleston some three years ago, I was concerned about finding the right medical doctor to continue my schedule of facials and face peels. Fortunately, AesthetiSpa was highly recommended to me. Dr. Cone received my highest accolades for her medical knowledge, personal interest, and keen sense of what’s the correct procedure for each individual patient. I am always thrilled with the results of my treatments at AesthetiSpa and haven’t sufficient words to recommend the services of Dr. Cone and her caring staff.

Carol Walker

I loved my experience at AesthetiSpa. Dr. Cone was very thorough and professional when explaining the IPL procedure to me. The results have been incredible. I’ve seen the sunspots on my chest disappear. I will continue to use Dr. Cone for many years to come.

Vicki G.

My experience at AesthetiSpa has been wonderful! Dr. Cone’s knowledge and honesty is amazing. She would never lead a client in the wrong direction and is not satisfied until you are. I look forward to my appointments and would not hesitate in recommending her highly!

Dawn D.

Nearly two years ago I finally treated myself to AesthetiSpa’s laser program to treat a face full of broken capillaries and rosacea, an unattractive and uncomfortable condition. I wouldn’t answer my door without some makeup on. Why I waited so long I’ve never understood. I’m no longer embarassed over how my skin looks and I feel so much better about myself and in the process I met two special new friends. And I’ve decided a little vanity goes a long way – now that I’m trying to face 70.

Nancy Flatley

I’m very pleased with the 4 procedures I’ve had at AesthetiSpa. The Botox was simple and the results are very good. The Juvederm is taking time to get used to but I like the end results. Hair removal is wonderfully effective but it is not pain-free. The vein removal was very successful!

Linda H. S.

I could not be happier with my experience at AesthetiSpa. Dr. Cone is a pleasure to deal with and make every aspect of a visit as pleasant and comfortable as possible. The various laser hair removal procedures I have received so far have worked wonderfully. Though I understand that not everyone achieves the same results, mine are better than I could have ever hoped. I intend to engage the services of AesthetiSpa many more times and would not dream of going anywhere else.

Wendy Keefer

I have enjoyed getting to know Dr. Cone as much as I have enjoyed my treatments there. When people comment on my skin, I tell them “it must be the microdermabrasion.”

Jennifer G.

First of all, I want to thank you for a wonderful experience. The staff has been very professional, personable, and helpful. My laser treatments have always been comfortable and professional not to mention the atmosphere very calming and the sanitary conditions superb. I am excited with my results – NO MORE RAZOR RASH! I would recommend the investment to anyone wanting to shed unwanted hair.

Janet A.

I absolutely love AesthetiSpa… personalized and excellent skin care technology. Dr. Cone has a medspa that provides cleints with the latest advancements and innovations in skin care, anti-aging treatments, vein and hair removal treatments. Truly the best!

Cheryl Esto

My experience at AesthetiSpa has been wonderful. Christy takes the time to talk with you about all your concerns, questions, and needs. They are very caring and considerate. They do all they can to please you and get results. I’ve been at other spas/facilities and was shocked at the differences. AesthetiSpa is a top notch spa. I recommend them very highly to all my friends. You won’t find a better place to go and to get great results!

Deb Kreger

I have been most pleased with the services I have received at AesthetiSpa. Dr. Cone is true medical professional who offer her clients the latest and greatest in aesthetic services. As a nurse, I was very concerned with finding a practice which offered the medical expertise to provide safe and effective results, and I found everything I was looking for and more in the physicians at AesthetiSpa. Dr. Cone is extremely knowledgeable in her areas of expertise and has a genuine caring about the happiness and well-being of her patients. I give her my highest recommendation and have had no reservations about referring her to my family and friends. You can count on her for an honest and straight-forward assessment of your needs. Don’t wait – call today. You will be glad you did.

Staci Sinex, RN

At AesthetiSpa my physical comfort during laser hair removal is Dr. Christy Cone’s top priority. I had been to other spas where you just had to take the zap. Not with Dr. Christy’s procedures that include a cool tip laser and numbing cream. Thanks for no more mustache or underarm hair. Now I’m going for hair-free legs and with just two treatments I can see a big reduction in the hair.

Joan Stearman

From the minute I walked through the doors at AesthetiSpa, I felt welcomed and comfortable. Dr. Cone treated me with total professionalism, yet I felt like I was visiting with friends. I recommend their services to everyone!

Denise Carpentier

I write with extreme gratitude of the AesthetiSpa staff and doctors. Dr. Cone hase both been very professional and compassionate. I enjoyed looking forward to each visit and friendly conversation with Dr. Cone. The facility is peaceful and relaxing. I have had an excellent experience at AesthetiSpa as well as my satisfied friends, family, and co-workers! I highly recommend AesthetiSpa to everyone. Thank you very much!

Alexa Stephens

I have almost completed laser hair removal on my bikini area and armpits and couldn’t be happier with the results! The staff is extremely competent and they go out of their way to make clients feel comfortable. I feel like I’m going to hangout with a friend when I have my appointments with Christy. I recommend them to everyone! Well worth every penny and more!

Jennifer DeBruhl

AesthetiSpa is such a warm and welcoming place. Everyone is extremely professional and a joy to meet with each and every visit. I have had laser hair removal in my bikini and underarm areas and would recommend it to anyone. While it will never be completely gone, the hair growth has substantially decreased. I am super satisfied with the results and will be back for more treatments in the future! What a joy to only have a few hairs to tackle with the razor from now on!

Julia Lesage

My skin is healthier in my mid-forties than it was in my early thirties thanks to AesthetiSpa! The routine maintenance of Obagi and microdermabrasion is definitely keeping my skin looking younger…as an aging woman, that is so important!

Cindy Koontz

My experience at AesthetiSpa has been nothing but a pleasant one. The staff are always very pleasant and helpful and answer questions I may have about various procedures. The atmosphere at AesthetiSpa is very relaxing and comfortable. I have been seeing Dr. Cone for about 9 months for laser hair removal on my underarm and bikini areas. Dr. Cone has made me feel very comfortable and relaxed from day one of my treatments. She is always very friendly and very professional. I have had great success with my treatments and I am very pleased with the results. I will continue to come to AesthetiSpa for all my cosmetic needs. I would refer all my family and friends there.

Kim Sompayrac

I simply found your ad in the paper and tried you! I am now a regular client receiving scheduled monthly microdermabrasions and enzyme peels. My skin feels so much better. The front receptionist is a delight to interact with and Dr. Cone’s personality and skills as a physician and aesthetician are wonderful. I recommend you guys to all of my girlfriends. Thanks so much for your service to Mount Pleasant and Charleston.

Meg W.

After a serious inquiry about a laser special, I tried the bikini/underarm special for laser hair removal. The results were so beneficial and amazing that I chose to go full legs. During my sessions with Dr. Christy Cone and Prudence, I often inquired about various treatments I read or heard about. I felt comfortable enough to discuss areas of concern. Their responses were always sensitive, thorough, and educational and most of all, genuine. I have chosen other treatments, after an evaluation time, based on my goals and priorities. I began the Obagi System 3 months ago and numerous skin problems have been corrected. Now I use little make-up, choosing Mineralogie for SPF protection and natural elements. This nurturing environment has helped me recreate and recapture my self-image without any pressures. At 47, I hear “wow” and “your skin is beautiful.” But at AesthetiSpa, beauty is more than skin deep.


AesthetiSpa has been a fantastic experience for me. All of my questions are taken seriously and answered completely. I know I’m in competent, caring hands.

June Castell

Dr. Cone is great. She always spends quality time with me, and I have had outstanding results with all my treatments. She is extremely knowledgable and keeps up with all the latest procedures and products.

H. Christy