When Should You Start Getting BOTOX® Cosmetic?

Beauty portrait of young Asian women on light and shadow background Even if you are only in your 20s or 30s, you might notice a few wrinkles trying to form – and you may be thinking that it is too bad that BOTOX® Cosmetic is only for older people. Right? No – actually, younger and younger people are getting BOTOX Cosmetic!

How Does BOTOX Cosmetic Work?

BOTOX Cosmetic is made from the botulinum toxin, and it works by blocking the signals between the muscles and the nerves. This relaxes the muscles, and the wrinkles relax, too.

The word “toxin” may make you hesitate, but the procedure is completely safe and has been in use for over 20 years. It is used in very small doses, and your skin care professional at AesthetiSpa Cosmetic Skin & Laser Center knows how to administer it safely and in places where it will be most effective for what you are hoping to achieve.

BOTOX Cosmetic is extremely popular. Patients love it because of the results and because it is also noninvasive and entails much less expense and much less hassle than a facelift or other cosmetic surgery procedure. A treatment only takes a few minutes, after which the patient can go right back to their regular activities. There is little risk of side effects; there may be some swelling and redness, but this goes away within a couple of days. The results can last up to 4 months.

What Is the Right Age To Start BOTOX Cosmetic?

You can start getting BOTOX Cosmetic injections when you are 18, but most experts say that the mid-20s to early 30s is a good time to start. Some patients may want to start BOTOX Cosmetic before they even see lines or wrinkles, as it prevents some of the muscle movements that can cause wrinkles; others may wait until they start to notice wrinkles and lines starting to form.

Have you been considering BOTOX Cosmetic? There are so many benefits to this treatment – contact AesthetiSpa Cosmetic Skin & Laser Center today to see if it might be right for you. Schedule a consultation at the office in Mount Pleasant, SC. Call (843) 849-9925 for an appointment today!

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