When is it time to get help for acne?

Photo before and after treatment for acne. Although the teenage years are known for breakouts, you don’t have to be younger than 20 to have a problem with acne or with the scars of acne breakouts from long ago. An occasional breakout is normal, but if you are dealing with more than that, you may be wondering if it’s time to get some professional skin care help. Here are some signs that it may be time for a professional treatment.

When should you get help?

Over time you may come to realize how acne and acne scars are affecting your life – but you should know there are many different options for treating these problems so that you can be rid of them once and for all. You may want to get help for acne if

• You have tried soaps, creams, and cleansers off the shelf at your grocery store – there are hundreds you could try, and they are easily available and fairly cheap – however, they don’t seem to do anything. They may even make things worse, by irritating or drying out your skin or even giving you a rash.

• Your acne is beyond annoying and unsightly and is actually painful. You don’t have to live with this pain – a skin care professional can help.

• You have cystic acne. This type of acne is red, painful, and inflamed. It can also leave acne scars, yet another reason to have it treated.

• You are self-conscious about your acne or acne scars. Do you ever wonder if someone you are talking to is thinking about your acne instead of what you are saying? Do you ever not feel like going out and having fun because of your acne scars? Don’t let your complexion negatively affect your self-esteem and your enjoyment of life!

If you are tired of trying over-the-counter soaps that don’t do anything, if your acne is painful, and/or if you are tired of feeling self-conscious about your complexion, the staff at AesthetiSpa can help! There are a variety of treatments for acne and acne scars, and they can find the one that will be most effective for you. Call (843) 849-9925 today to schedule an appointment!

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