Excel V Gets the Red Out

iStock 1144337675 For decades, we’ve heard of the eyedrop line that “Gets the red out.” At AesthetiSpa, we think we have something that does a far better job on a far more difficult area, the skin. It’s Excel V and this innovative laser platform is awesome for getting rid of redness and other skin discoloration. 

Since beach season is over, this is a great time to come in and have us put the Excel V to work on your broken blood vessels and age spots. 

What is Excel V? 

Excel V is an innovative laser platform from Cutera, a leader in aesthetic lasers. Patients like it for its results, but also for its built-in cooling technology and precision spot size, which deliver the laser energy to the pigmented areas without any downtime or risks. 

What can Excel V be used to treat? 

At AesthetiSpa, we use our Excel V laser to clear up a wide variety of skin pigmentation problems: 

  •     Rosacea
  •     Sun damage/Sun spots
  •     Freckles
  •     Red and blue facial veins
  •     Leg veins
  •     Scars and keloids
  •     Hemangiomas
  •     Cherry angiomas
  •     Port wine stains
  •     Telangiectasia
  •     Diffuse redness and discoloration on the face or neck
  •     Sebaceous hyperplasia (dilated oil glands)

How does an Excel V treatment go? 

These are short appointments, taking from 15-30 minutes, because patients don’t need any topical anesthetic beforehand. Before we get started, we give you protective goggles. Then we select the spot size and depth of the laser penetration to match the area we’re treating and the extent of discoloration or the number of broken blood vessels. 

The handpiece is held against the skin and the laser light is delivered in very short bursts in the selected spot size. The melanin in the over-pigmented skin or the blood in the surface blood vessels absorbs the light energy and it instantly converts to heat. This heat breaks up the pigment or causes the tiny veins to collapse. 

Throughout your treatment, the Excel V cooling mechanism keeps you calm, cool, and collected. 

Interested in getting the red out this fall? Call us at AesthetiSpa, 843-849-9925, and set up and Excel V consultation and session.

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